Choosing a firm that specializes in providing employees specific to your industry is paramount.

when selecting a staff agency.

Hiring employees is a considerable investment of time and money for any industry. As the economy is on the up-swing and the number of qualified employees is shrinking, it is time for companies to re-evaluate how they choose a staffing firm.

It is important that an agency helps a company meet their productivity goals, safety goals, attrition goals, and of course budget. This is only possible through thoroughly vetting a potential staffing partner.

Choosing a firm that specializes in providing employees specific to your industry is paramount. If your company uses different departments such as skilled trades, engineering, legal, etcetera; it is well advised that you choose separate agencies specializing in those functions.

While most staffing agencies still provide on-demand temporary employees, there are also firms which have evolved into full-service agencies, focusing not only on your company’s goals but also providing an invaluable extension of your human resources department. These agencies are typically local or operate within a specific region. Of course any agency is only as good as the office that handles your account and/or your location.

A staffing firm whose focus is to be a partner and a consultant will have questions for you as well. From the predictable questions such as: Do you have seasonal personnel needs and/or specific project needs? What is most important to you in a staffing service? To: Why is your company a great place to work? Which attributes other than skill sets make an employee a good fit for your company?

A staffing firm’s charges are based on several factors, not just the employee’s wages. A firm should take into account the anticipated cost of recruiting based on pay, location, skill level, pre-employment requirements that you have agreed upon, number of employees and additional services that you may require.

National Contracts may be optional in most cases, if you are able to present facts that a national agency is not providing your company with needed services. Provide examples, the length of time this has continued and your efforts to work with the agency. In most cases your corporate office will contact the contracted agency to rectify the situation or approve a new or additional service. It is a universal clause in contracts from staffing agencies to uniform services that a client may elect to seek a different provider for a location if the national agency cannot provide services as agreed upon.

Every Hiring Manager Should Ask

➢ What is your experience in our industry?
➢ What percentage of your placements is similar to other companies, even local competitors?
➢ What percentage of your placements is contract to hire?
➢ How much notice do you need to respond to a request for employees?
➢ What exactly are your agency’s procedures for filling orders or responding to supervisors after hours?
➢ What makes you different than other similar agencies?
➢ What are your achievements?

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