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How it was in the

Putting the Wheels in Motion

Female entrepreneurs make bold sacrifices
to get businesses up and running in the Valley

Jill Fridley spent years trying to rise through the ranks of recruitment agencies across the U.S., but ultimately, she said, her efforts to reach the top were thwarted. “It was kind of a boys’ club, “ Fridley said. “The ceiling was a lot lower for women.” Instead of focusing her energies on bursting through that ceiling, Fridley struck out on her own in 2000, creating Hire Source Staffing Solutions in Phoenix. Her company recruits employees for manufacturers and warehouses. Within just weeks, Fridley’s company churned out its first profits. Last year, Hire Source helped find about 1,400 employees for its clients. Fridley is just one of many women that have left or completely bypassed Corporate America to start businesses in recent years. These women seek greater control over their career paths and life balance.

But is the climate in Phoenix conducive to doing so? Fridley thinks the Valley is a fine place to run a business, but getting started was not easy. “The (Small Business Administration) was of no help,” Fridley said. “Banks that tout that they are small-business and women or minority lenders would not lend me a penny.”Fridley said that’s because her business was a service, so banks had nothing tangible such as machinery to put a lien on. So she took out a second mortgage on a house she owned in Tucson to start her company. “The No. 1 reason for new business failure is not having at least one, if not two years, of money in the bank to live on if your company does not make a profit,” Fridley said. “I opened on a shoestring. I cleaned, I scrubbed, painted the place myself, bought used furniture and equipment.” Fridley found her experience in the staffing industry benefited her when she opened Hire Source. Still, that didn’t reduce her work load. Early on, she got so busy she would sleep at her office.

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How much is low cost
costing you?

From suppliers to manufacturers, to fulfillment, we have all lost bids — even existing accounts to a competitor’s lower price. Most oftenwe are left scratching our heads.
•Why is our competitor “giving away” their service?
•Where are they cutting corners?

In most cases, choosing a staffing agency based on the lowest mark-up, or staying with a national agency, leads to Little Results.

Let Hire Source meet with you to see if we can save you real money and supply quality personnel. We deliver superior service on time, every time.

Excerpted from an article by Grayson Steinberg,
from Phoenix Business Journal, March 14, 2008.